Development of axel has been continued at the github page. Information given in this article is obsolete.

For instructions on how to apply the patch please take a look at this page: Axel Firefox 3 Cookies Patch.

After one thread finishes, it will split the largest unfinished portion of file in two pieces.

Without the patch by using multiple threads axel is really fast in the beginning but it becomes slow near the end of downloading. This is because some threads have finished already while others are bit slower.

More info

When one thread is finished, it will find largest portion that is not yet downloaded and patch will split it in half with existing thread that is downloading. This behavior is similar with Internet download manager. Also, I tried not to change much of a code in order to make this work. Most of the change is at function print_alternate_output.
  • This patch will not split the portion smaller than 100KB.
  • Works with HTTP and FTP (although it needs more testing).

See also


  • Do more testing.
  • Rename function to "axel_thread_finished"
  • Alternate output has some glitches.


v0.3 - old state
Detects whether state files are in OLD or in NEW format, so it can load state correctly.
- emiraga emiraga Jun 11, 2009
v0.2 - state files
Fixed a major problem with state files. Format of state file has changed, do not use patched version of axel with old state files.
- emiraga emiraga May 30, 2009
v0.1 - initial release
- emiraga emiraga May 25, 2009